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Home > Home page of About Goldfish Website.

Goldfish Basics > Provides a brief overview of information for those new to goldfish keeping

Goldfish Types > Lists the more common goldfish varieties found in America and Europe.  The four major physical attributes that distinguish one goldfish variety from another are described in detail.

Goldfish Care > Guides the enthusiast on important decisions to be made before any goldfish are purchased

Feeding Goldfish >  What you feed your goldfish and when depends on the season, whether you are conditioning them for breeding, growing them or just sustaining them. 

Goldfish Breeding > This section is in four parts:

  1. An overview
  2. Goldfish pre-spawning preparation
  3. How to breed goldfish - when, where and how
  4. What if spawning doesn't go to plan?

Raising Goldfish Fry > This section is in three parts:

  1. After spawning has occurred
  2. Goldfish fry food options
  3. How to cull fry

Goldfish Aquariums > Choosing the right aquarium 

Aquarium Filters > Choosing the correct filter

Aquarium Plants > Plants suitable for goldfish aquariums 

Goldfish Diseases > Common causes of goldfish diseases

Goldfish History > Earliest records of goldfish keeping

Goldfish Anatomy > Internal organs and external features described

Goldfish FAQs > A list of frequently asked questions about goldfish. Ask your own question if you can't find the answer to your query.

Goldfish Ponds > Design elements you need to consider when planning a pond.

Goldfish Pond Filters > Choose the right filter for your pond

Goldfish Pond UV Sterilizers > Choose the right UV clarifier/sterilizer for your pond 

Goldfish Blog > Keep up to date with the latest Site changes

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