How To Make Goldfish Care Easy and Enjoyable

Learn every secret and trick I've discovered after many years of trial and error keeping and breeding Goldfish.

Goldfish eBook, the ultimate guide to care and breeding.

Hi, I'm Grant Lord, Goldfish keeper and breeder for 45+ years and the creator of this website About Goldfish.

Goldfish are undemanding endearing pets that thrive when simple rules for their care are followed.

My 250+ page e-Book About Goldfish – The Ultimate Guide To Care and Breeding is the result of these many years of hands-on experience and covers every aspect of Goldfish care, breeding, and diseases.

Don't go through the same often distressing cycle of learning by experience I did which usually led to the death of my precious pet.  Many enthusiasts just give up trying to keep Goldfish after one or two failures.

Use my know-how to avoid all the common mistakes and go straight from beginner to expert.

All the information in this e-Book is based on my experience, so I know it works.  For example, all the photos in the breeding section are of my own recent spawns.

There is no need to buy expensive books (as I have done) when all the information you need is right here in this e-Book, crammed full of tips and secrets experts and pet shop owners don't want you to know.

Here is an example of a tip you won't find in any other Goldfish publication...

All pellet foods swell once they are in water. It is advisable to soak them before feeding to your fish, especially if they show signs of discomfort or buoyancy problems shortly after feeding.
For this reason, I would always go smaller in pellet size rather than larger as the pellets will absorb water faster.

The About Goldfish website is quite large, and finding exactly what you are looking for can be time- consuming.  Instead of surfing through dozens of pages, I have based the e-Book on the website and sorted it into handy sections with a Table of Contents that has clickable links, and added a comprehensive index so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Ultimate Guide Reedsy review
A noteworthy, A-Z guide to Goldfish care and breeding from a nearly half-century-long expert in Goldfish keeping.
Raju Chacko - Reedsy Reviewer

What You'll Learn In This e-Book

Section 1 – Overview, History, Care, Selection, and Anatomy

Overview – gives a quick overview of the Goldfish; where it came from, some basic information on the different physical attributes possible, and their basic environmental needs.

History – Goldfish have been cultivated for a thousand years and during that time moved from China their homeland to first Japan and then progressively across Europe.

Care – If you want your Goldfish to be disease-free and contented, here you will find some basic care rules that need to be followed concerning space, food, and companions.

Selection – Selecting healthy fish to buy from a pet shop is almost impossible but at least you can buy the healthiest fish available and treat them during the quarantine period.

Anatomy - These pages describe the external and internal parts of a Goldfish you should be familiar with, especially the external as certain parts can be given different terms within the website e.g. tail fin – caudal fin.

Section 2 – Aquariums, Filters, and Plants

Aquariums - Aquariums come in a variety of shapes and materials.  Depending on what the primary use of your aquarium will be should guide you on the best one to purchase.

Filters – There is a huge variety of filters available, each with its advantages and disadvantages.  One of the most important aspects of filter purchase is getting one of the appropriate size for your setup.

Plants – Goldfish are omnivorous, so green matter forms a large part of their diet.  If the wrong plants are used in their aquarium you will find just stalks left by the next morning.

Section 3 – How and What to Feed Goldfish

Feeding Goldfish is one of the most important parts of Goldfish care.

The fancier the variety you are keeping, the more important it is for their diet to have variety and a high proportion of live food.  This section gives some different options available.

Section 4 – Common Diseases and Dangers

Goldfish seldom get sick but if they do, most diseases are easily treated.  This section covers fungal, bacterial, and parasitical diseases and covers 14 of the more common diseases.

There is also a list of common dangers such as metal poisoning that both pond and aquarium fish can be accidentally exposed to.

Section 5 – Commonly Available Goldfish Varieties

Although there are well over 100 varieties of goldfish, there are only 12-13 that are commonly available in Europe and America.

Each variety has its own special needs.  Comets are active fish and need more space.  Telescopic-eyed varieties shouldn’t be kept with less developed varieties because they can’t compete as easily for food.

Learn which varieties can and shouldn’t be mixed.

Section 6 – Breeding Goldfish and Raising Fry

Many enthusiasts breed their fish, few raise any to adulthood.

If you want to breed a fancy variety, the job is even harder because fancy Goldfish don’t breed very true.  From a spawn of 1000 fry from average quality parents, you might be lucky to get 5 worth keeping.

How do you identify those few good specimens among all the rest?  This section tells you how.

Section 7 – Live Food Cultures

To be successful raising Goldfish from fry to adult requires culturing live foods, especially when the fry are under a month old.

One of the easiest live foods to grow is brine shrimp which is ideal as a first food for fry.  Learn how to make an inexpensive brine shrimp hatchery from plastic drink containers.

Section – 8 Ponds, Filters, and Clarifiers

Ponds – Installing a Goldfish pond can be a large commitment.  There are many decisions to be made before work starts.  Location is one of the most important because if placed in the wrong position, maintenance could be dramatically increased, or worse, your fish could be killed from poisonous leaves.

Filters – Similar to aquariums, a filter needs to be matched to the size of the pond and its bio-load.  Getting the right filter for a pond is even more important than for an aquarium because ponds are more affected by sunlight and other natural debris than an aquarium ever would.

There are just as many styles of filters for ponds as there are for aquariums, each with its advantages and disadvantages. 

UV Clarifiers – Unless a pond is heavily planted, the nutrients produced from fish waste and sunlight produce ideal conditions for algae to flourish.

Even heavily filtered ponds will go green because most pond filters can’t filter out suspended algae.  A UV clarifier can provide crystal clear water all year round.  Learn how to calculate what size clarifier you need for your pond (or aquarium).

You will also receive this additional resource
- Breeding Calendar and Checklist -

For enthusiasts wanting to breed fancy varieties, good planning is essential if you want to successfully raise the best fry through to adults.

I have included my 37 step checklist developed over many years of breeding fancy Goldfish that runs through a 12 month period from autumn conditioning of the adult fish to when the final juveniles are selected as future breeders.

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How To Make Goldfish Care
Easy and Enjoyable

Goldfish eBook, the ultimate guide to care and breeding.

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