How To Successfully Raise Goldfish Fry (Babies)

Breeding Goldfish is the easy part.  Raising even a few of the very best specimens to adulthood takes a lot of hard work and experience (or this e-Book).

Goldfish eBook - Goldfish breeding, how to successfully raise Goldfish fry.

Hi, I'm Grant Lord, Goldfish breeder for 45+ years and the creator of this website About Goldfish.

Many Goldfish enthusiasts manage to breed their Goldfish either by accident or through good planning, but then don't know the next steps required to raise the fry (babies) past the first few weeks.

Even fewer enthusiasts know how to select the best fish to keep from a brood that may number hundreds, perhaps thousands of fry.  This is critical for fancy varieties otherwise you will end up with only the fish that are lucky to survive.

These fish are usually the worst examples that wouldn't make it past the first selection (culling) process.

My 49-page e-Book Goldfish Breeding – How To Successfully Raise Goldfish Fry takes you from pre-spawning preparation through to the final selection of the very best juveniles as future breeders.

The e-Book has a Table of Contents that has clickable links and an index so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

There is no need to buy expensive books when all the information you need is right here in this e-Book, crammed full of tips and secrets experts and commercial breeders don't want you to know.

Here is an example of a tip you won't find in any other Goldfish publication...

Goldfish are messy breeders spraying eggs in all directions. Many of the eggs will miss the spawning mops, fall to the bottom, and be lost.

Make sure the spawning mops are long enough to reach the bottom of the breeding container and cover a good portion of it as well.
Tie the mops together and secure them to one or both ends of the breeding container. If you don’t they will move around and the females will scatter eggs from one end of the container to the other, with most ending up stuck on the bottom.

What You'll Learn In This e-Book

Choosing Goldfish for Breeding – Selecting the best fish for breeding is vital to avoid spawning fish that will only produce inferior fry not worth growing.

Spawning Preparation – Preparation starts in the autumn by feeding the right type of foods so the adults put on a good layer of fat before winter.

You can tell the difference between males and females in several ways and they are described here in detail.

Thanks for writing this book - Very good book, the details very helpful. Wish it had more photos of the processes. A must if you want to learn how to raise goldfish. A small price to pay for so much info. Highly recommend this book.
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How to Breed Goldfish Successfully – This chapter goes into the options of what to breed your fish in, what the advantages and disadvantages are with each, what preparation is needed, and what to breed them on.

It lists what triggers Goldfish to spawn and explains when it's the best time to breed Goldfish, and what to do after your fish have spawned.

Spawning Problems – Things don't always go according to plan, especially when attempting to breed fancy Goldfish. This section explains what to do if your fish are refusing to spawn.

Hand Spawning – Many examples shown on YouTube show how little the person knows about the subject.  If done properly as explained in this chapter, no harm will come to your valuable breeders.

Raising Goldfish Fry - Raising fry successfully starts with creating ideal conditions for the eggs to hatch in.  After hatching, setting up the hatching container correctly will ensure the fry have ideal conditions to grow rapidly in.    

Little Baby Fry’s - A Great help...
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Feeding Goldfish Fry - One of the key secrets of raising Goldfish fry successfully is feeding the best food at the right time and at the right amount.

If any of these requirements are not met in the first month after hatching, the fry will never reach their full potential.  This chapter lists food options for the first few critical weeks. 

Brine Shrimp - Live food is best for newly hatched fry.  The easiest live food to provide is newly hatched brine shrimp which the tiny fry can eat.

They have many advantages and are one of the best first foods available.  This chapter explains how to set up a hatchery and get the maximum hatch rate from the eggs.

Culling -This is another of the secrets to raising quality Goldfish.  Raising high-quality fancy Goldfish from a brood of hundreds isn't down to luck.  It takes a systematic culling process that starts a week after hatching.

Learn how to select the best fry early so they can be separated from the rest and given the best possible conditions so they will develop into high-quality fish.

Most importantly, this chapter highlights how much room the fry need because a common mistake new breeders make is crowding the fry.

Growth Rates -How do you know if your brood is growing at the normal rate?  This chapter has graphs that show what size they should be for the first 8 weeks.  It also details what stage of development the fry are at for each week.

Natural Enemies

- For the first few weeks of life fry are most vulnerable to natural enemies.  Even if the fry are kept indoors, predators can be introduced into the aquarium with live food.  Learn what ones to look out for.

You will also receive this additional resource
- Breeding Calendar and Checklist -

For enthusiasts wanting to breed fancy varieties, good planning is essential if you want to successfully raise the best fry through to adults.

I have included my 37 step checklist developed over many years of breeding fancy Goldfish that runs through a 12 month period from autumn conditioning of the adult fish to when the final juveniles are selected as future breeders.

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How To Successfully Raise Goldfish Fry (Babies)

Goldfish eBook - Goldfish breeding, how to successfully raise Goldfish fry.

Goldfish Breeding – How To Successfully Raise Goldfish Fry

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