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Goldfish Pond Construction

Whichever goldfish pond construction method you use, there are advantages and disadvantages with each material.

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Fiberglass Goldfish Ponds

Fiberglass goldfish ponds can range from 50-100 gallons right up to the size of swimming pools. A second hand swimming pool would make an ideal pond.

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The Common Goldfish - The First Goldfish Variety To Be Developed

The common goldfish was the first departure from the wild carp ancestor that led to all the hundreds of varieties that exist today.

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Aquarium Cleaning Made Easy

Aquarium cleaning should take 30 minutes every two weeks. Learn how the professionals do it in 18 easy steps.

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Veiltail Goldfish


The Veiltail goldfish is considered the premier goldfish in Western countries, originating from the Philadelphia area about the turn of the 20th century.

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Daphnia Ideal Food For Goldfish Fry At Two Weeks Old


Daphnia are an ideal live food for two week old goldfish fry. The adults are too big for the fry to eat, but the larvae are an ideal size.

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Concrete Goldfish Ponds

Concrete goldfish ponds are more of a commitment because of the more permanent construction materials they are made from.

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Goldfish Pond Setup Is Important For Maintenance


A Goldfish pond setup is important to keep maintenance to a minimum. Goldfish ponds like aquariums, create a lot of unnecessary work if set up badly.

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Shubunkin Goldfish, Bristol and London Varieties


Three types of Shubunkin Goldfish are recognized, the London Bristol and Japanese-American. All are nacreous scaled, but their finnage is quite different.

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Goldfish History Dates Back To The Sung Dynasty


Goldfish History goes as far back as the Chinese Sung Dynasty (960-1279 AD), probably even further to the T'ang Dynasty but written records are unreliable.

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