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Goldfish, Learn About Feeding, Breeding and Treating Diseases

Goldfish aren't hard to keep. Learn about the care, breeding, disease treatments, aquarium design, filter options suitable for Goldfish all discussed here.

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Pond Goldfish 'Gasping' at Dawn and Dusk?

We have a raised pond and last year the three original goldfish had lots of babies, about 50 survived the winter. At dawn and dusk they all come to the

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Moving Old Goldfish Into Our Pond.

Hi Grant, Apologies in advance, you have answered similar questions on here, but I'm still nervous about moving my goldfish into our pond. We've had

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Site Map of About Goldfish Website

Site map of the about goldfish site to help visitors find their way around the site.

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Goldfish Groups, Clubs and Organizations

Goldfish groups, clubs and organizations dedicated to the care, breeding and sharing of knowledge about Goldfish..

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Goldfish eBooks

Goldfish ebooks on the care, breeding and treatment of diseases.

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Goldfish Breeding eBook-How to Successfully Raise Goldfish Fry

Goldfish breeding eBook - How to breed Goldfish and successfully raise high quality adults. Many manage to breed their Goldfish but few raise fry worth keeping.

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Goldfish Breeding Requires Good Preparation

Goldfish breeding to be done successfully requires the right preparation. Preparation starts in the prior autumn with lots of live food.

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Goldfish Basics | Important Facts You Need To Know

Goldfish basics about how far goldfish have come in the last 1000 years, and what you need to know before purchasing any to avoid common mistakes.

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Goldfish Aquarium Designs and Construction Materials

A goldfish aquarium can be glass or acrylic, with any number of designs and sizes. Learn which one is best for your requirements.

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