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Red Moor Goldfish

A telescopic eyed Red Moor Goldfish is often a Black Moor that has changed color. Moors can be metallic, calico or matt scaled. Because of their shortsightedness, they shouldn't be kept with normal eyed varieties.

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Black Moor Goldfish

The telescopic-eyed Black Moor Goldfish was once the only solid black colored variety. Black Moor that show a bronziness in the lower body area will likely change color later in life to orange/red. They shouldn't be kept with normal eyed varieties.

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Goldfish Age

What age are goldfish when sold at about 3inchs long? Grant's Reply Hi Pat When giving a Goldfish's size, you need to quantify it a little further by

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Goldfish Hiding

Hi I have an outdoor fish pond for about 25 years. The pond is 3,000 gallons. I have about 50 gold fish. The max depth of the pond is 3 feet. My fish

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About Goldfish Site Now HTTPS

Today the About Goldfish site changed its URL address to the secure HTTPS format. There will be other changes made shortly to comply with the new EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Transporting Goldfish From One Pond to Another

I have to give up my pond, so I have to re-home my goldfish - they range in size from 1.5 to 5 inches. They can travel in plastic bags (put in a box) filled

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Goldfish Dropsy Disease Treatment

Dropsy disease causes the Goldfish to become bloated and its scales to be distended. Dropsy disease symptoms are caused by kidney failure.

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Goldfish Dangers

Goldfish dangers created in the confined spaces of ponds or aquariums they are kept in can be just as dangerous as from natural enemies. There is a range of non-ferrous metals and chemicals that are highly toxic to Goldfish.

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Possible Gravel in Stomach.

Can a goldfish swallow a piece of gravel? I have gotten a piece that was stuck in the mouth. So big that it was wedged in good. Grant's Reply Hi Leon

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Celestial Goldfish

The Celestial Goldfish got its name from its “celestial” star gazing eyes and is often confused with the Water Bubble Eye as both have upturned eyes. This Goldfish variety isn't one for the beginner as it can't be kept with other varieties apart from Water Bubble Eyes.

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