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Goldfish Tail Rot Disease

Goldfish tail rot disease or fin rot is simply a fish that is in very poor health, allowing bacteria to get a foothold. It mainly affects the caudal fin.

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Goldfish Disease Medications For Common Ailments

Goldfish disease medications don't always have to be expensive. Some of the most effective medications are cheap household chemicals from your food store.

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Goldfish Lice Treatment

Goldfish Lice are free swimming crustaceans that attach themselves to fish and feed on their blood. Fully grown they are 3-4mm round and translucent.

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Goldfish, Learn About Feeding, Breeding and Treating Diseases

Goldfish aren't hard to keep. Learn about the care, breeding, disease treatments, aquarium design, filter options suitable for Goldfish all discussed here.

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Black Moor Goldfish, a Telescopic Eyed Fancy Goldfish Variety

The telescopic-eyed Black Moor Goldfish was once the only solid black colored variety. They shouldn't be kept with normal eyed varieties.

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Goldfish Culling For High Quality Fish

Goldfish culling is vital if you want to raise fry into high quality adults. Culling your fry as soon as possible makes certain the best specimens survive.

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Black Moor is sick! Help!

Hi. My black moor has a white substance all over him. I cant seem to be able to properly diagnose what it is and how to treat it. He started out getting

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Goldfish Died After Pond Overfilled

We had about 20 goldfish in our water feature. They were all ages and sizes. We overfilled the pond and they all died (in the pond). What caused them

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Thyroid Tumor in Goldfish - Treatment

I have a gold fish that seems to have a thyroid tumor. It is rear of its right gill. It is more swollen then it is a lump. Today I have noticed what looks

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Goldfish Readied for Winter Outside

What all needs to be done to winterize my goldfish pond and keep my two full grown, 12+ comet goldfish safe until spring? Also, do you recommend covering

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