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Common Goldfish Diseases

Common goldfish diseases listed with symptoms described and options for treatment.

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The Common Goldfish - The First Goldfish Variety To Be Developed

The common goldfish was the first departure from the wild carp ancestor that led to all the hundreds of varieties that exist today.

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Choosing Goldfish For Breeding

The secret of choosing goldfish for breeding is knowing what ideal physical characteristics are hard to attain, and those that are easy.

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Pond Water Change

Hi I'm a subscriber to your gazette. I have gold fish in plastic tubs made from water tank material. Water filters to a sump reservoir. Water is getting

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White Fantail Goldfish Died: Why the Dark Abdomen?

Intro: This morning I found my parents' white fantail goldfish dead in her tank. The first thing I noticed was that her belly looked dark -- but it's not

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Hand Spawning Your Goldfish Successfully and Safely

Learn about hand spawning your goldfish safely. If your breeders are not ready to spawn, you can easily hurt them. Ideally wait until they are already spawning.

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How To Breed Goldfish Successfully

How to breed goldfish successfully is down to preparation before the breeders are put together. Preparation should start in the autumn prior to breeding.

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Ulcer Disease Treatment For Goldfish

Ulcer disease is a bacterial attack of the skin and surrounding tissue usually caused by poor water conditions. Injuries can also cause ulcer disease.

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Goldfish Breeding Problems and How To Solve Them

Goldfish breeding doesn't always go to plan. The more exotic the variety, the more likely you are to strike problems.

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Temperature to Introduce Fish to Outside Pond

At what temperature should my outside pond be to move my goldfish outdoors? Grant's Reply Hi Laurie This is a good question, especially for countries

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