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Fantail Goldfish Types | About Goldfish

The Fantail goldfish comes in several different versions depending on where you live. Japan has the Wakin and Ryukin. The USA has a humpback Ryukin.

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Goldfish Breeding Problems and How To Solve Them

Goldfish breeding doesn't always go to plan. The more exotic the variety, the more likely you are to strike problems.

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Fiberglass Goldfish Ponds

Fiberglass goldfish ponds can range from 50-100 gallons right up to the size of swimming pools. A second hand swimming pool would make an ideal pond.

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Concrete Goldfish Ponds

Concrete goldfish ponds are more of a commitment because of the more permanent construction materials they are made from.

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Goldfish Velvet Disease Treatment

Goldfish velvet disease is a protozoan parasite similar to Ich. Infected fish have a light tan velvet like coating over their bodies.

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Ulcer Disease Treatment For Goldfish

Ulcer disease is a bacterial attack of the skin and surrounding tissue usually caused by poor water conditions. Injuries can also cause ulcer disease.

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Goldfish Gill Ulceration Disease Treatment

Ulceration disease causes the gills to become inflamed and filminess of the eyes. The disease causes filminess of the eyes and swollen gills.

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Goldfish Red Pest Disease Treatment

Red pest disease also known as pond pest, causes blood red patches to appear on the fish’s body. is caused by a bacterial infection (bacterium cyprinicida).

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Indigestion Treatment For Goldfish

Goldfish indigestion or constipation isn’t a disease, but a condition brought on by poor quality food. If it isn't treated promptly, permanent imbalance may result.

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Goldfish Flukes Treatment

Goldfish flukes are particularly dangerous to fry and adults under 2 inches (52mm) in body length, and are difficult to control or eradicate entirely.

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