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Male Goldfish Living Alone

Is it OK for two male Gold fish to live in a home aquarium without a female? How will he be able to release milt without a female around? Will it affect

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Relocating Goldfish to New Pond

Hi, I am looking for advice: I have to relocate my 4 x4 inch goldfish to a new pond. So my questions are: How do I prepare the new pond? Can I use the

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Goldfish Anchor Worm Treatment

Anchor worm is a crustacean that attaches itself to a goldfish and feeds on its blood. They are usually found behind a pectoral fin or the dorsal fin.

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Goldfish Ich Disease (Ick) Treatment

Ich disease or white spot is one of the easier Goldfish diseases to diagnose and cure. It is caused by a protozoan parasite that penetrates the skin surface.

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Goldfish Care | How To Avoid Basic Mistakes

Goldfish care is easy, but most goldfish die because their owners make basic mistakes, often thinking they are doing the right thing for their goldfish.

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Celestial Goldfish a Highly Developed Variety Requiring Extra Care

The Celestial Goldfish is often confused with the Water Bubble Eye as both have upturned eyes. This Goldfish variety can't be kept with other varieties.

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Goldfish Tail Rot Disease

Goldfish tail rot disease or fin rot is simply a fish that is in very poor health, allowing bacteria to get a foothold. It mainly affects the caudal fin.

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Goldfish Disease Medications For Common Ailments

Goldfish disease medications don't always have to be expensive. Some of the most effective medications are cheap household chemicals from your food store.

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Goldfish Lice Treatment

Goldfish Lice are free swimming crustaceans that attach themselves to fish and feed on their blood. Fully grown they are 3-4mm round and translucent.

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Goldfish, Learn About Feeding, Breeding and Treating Diseases

Goldfish aren't hard to keep. Learn about the care, breeding, disease treatments, aquarium design, filter options suitable for Goldfish all discussed here.

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