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Goldfish Anatomy Terms

To help explain goldfish anatomy terms used on this Website, this page describes the various internal and external parts of a goldfish.

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How To Choose Goldfish That Are Healthy

Learn how to choose goldfish that are healthy, have the correct characteristics for their type, and how to get them home safely.

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Goldfish Care | How To Avoid Basic Mistakes

Goldfish care is easy, but most goldfish die because their owners make basic mistakes, often thinking they are doing the right thing for their goldfish.

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Goldfish History Dates Back To The Sung Dynasty

Goldfish History goes as far back as the Chinese Sung Dynasty (960-1279 AD), probably even further to the T'ang Dynasty but written records are unreliable.

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Goldfish Basics | Important Facts You Need To Know

Goldfish basics about how far goldfish have come in the last 1000 years, and what you need to know before purchasing any to avoid common mistakes.

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Goldfish Pet Store Lifespan

How long do goldfish live in pet stores? If no one buys them, do they die? Grant's Reply Hi Generally, conditions in pet store aquariums are not great.

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About Us

About us, who we are and how this website came about.

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Goldfish Disease Medications For Common Ailments

Goldfish disease medications don't always have to be expensive. Some of the most effective medications are cheap household chemicals from your food store.

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Goldfish Lost Their Minds

I am having trouble with goldfish not eating fish food...I have gone 4 days with out feeding them...I give them fish food and they won't even attempt to

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Gasping Behavior

Why does my goldfish keep swallowing air from the top of the water? Grant's Reply Hi Kurst Several things cause this type of behavior. Lack of food

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