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Returning Goldfish to Pond

I have a 6 pond goldfish who developed clouding of the eyes. She did not improve with pond treatment so was brought indoors to a hospital tank. I've

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What Size External Filter Do I Need?

I have a 130 litre tank and two goldfish, one is almost the size of my palm and the other a bit smaller. I brought a new tank and it has been running for

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How Big do Goldfish Fry Have to be in Order to go in to the Tank with the Adults?

I have goldfish fry that are still small but close to a year old and would like to know how big they have to be in order to go back into the tank with

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"Pregnant" female

How long will the female keep her eggs until she releases them? In e last 3 weeks, I have noticed one of my female is huge,she has been eating and swimming

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Goldfish Aquarium Designs and Construction Materials

A goldfish aquarium can be glass or acrylic, with any number of designs and sizes. Learn which one is best for your requirements.

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Goldfish Aquarium Setup Basics

A goldfish aquarium setup that has been done correctly will lower how much maintenance it will need. Light sources can be your best friend or worst enemy.

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Goldfish Ich Disease (Ick) Treatment

Ich disease or white spot is one of the easier Goldfish diseases to diagnose and cure. It is caused by a protozoan parasite that penetrates the skin surface. Goldfish can carry the parasite in the gills without displaying any external symptoms.

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Red Moor Goldfish

A telescopic eyed Red Moor Goldfish is often a Black Moor that has changed color. Moors can be metallic, calico or matt scaled. Because of their shortsightedness, they shouldn't be kept with normal eyed varieties.

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Black Moor Goldfish

The telescopic-eyed Black Moor Goldfish was once the only solid black colored variety. Black Moor that show a bronziness in the lower body area will likely change color later in life to orange/red. They shouldn't be kept with normal eyed varieties.

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Goldfish Age

What age are goldfish when sold at about 3inchs long? Grant's Reply Hi Pat When giving a Goldfish's size, you need to quantify it a little further by

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