Urgent!!! Goldfish Fry Food

by Niall

My goldfish recently surprised me with a batch of eggs and I am completely unprepared. The only thing I can get my hands on is Micro worms.
Will these do or should I try something like egg yolk?

Grant's Reply

Hi Niall

I keep meaning to add micro worms to my page on feeding goldfish fry as another live food alternative.

I don't know exactly when your goldfish spawned so I will start from the beginning.
After hatching, the fry don't feed until their yolk sacks have been absorbed. This takes about two days at 75 degrees F.

After they become free swimming, they are looking for their first meal.

If your fry are already free swimming, I suggest hard boiled egg yolk squeezed through cloth. Swirl it in the water as a mist. This will get some food into the fry but it should only be used as a temporary solution. Egg yolk tends to pollute the water quite quickly.

Unfortunately your micro worms are a little large for the fry if they are under two weeks old.

I would try and source brine shrimp eggs that you can hatch. These are the easiest solution for feeding fry for their first two weeks, or longer if necessary.

Here is the link to my pages on brine shrimp. The pages will give you some ideas on making a hatchery and some invaluable tips.

After two weeks, micro worms, mosquito wrigglers and daphnia are all good live food sources.

Notice I don't mention dry or prepared foods. These should only start to be fed to fry after a month, and not exclusively.

Click on the link above to my page on feeding goldfish fry as this will give you some more options that are available.

Good luck.

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Aug 28, 2014
by: Niall

Unfortunately in the end my heater broke and melted a hole in the container so the fry either cooked or dried out :-(. But the good news is I got brine shrimp eggs and my second batch of eggs are still safe and fit to hatch any day now:-)

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