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by Kevin

Hi! I have 2 gold fish and when I returned home one had got stuck in the little castle ornament in the tank. I managed to get it out, but it had obviously been struggling. It has lost one eye and lots of scales on one side and has red in its tail.

It seems to be swimming and breathing ok now.

Anything I should do and what will happen to its lost eye and scaling? I have attached a picture.

Thanks Kevin

Grant's Reply

The Treatment of any of any injuries is the same three step process.

1. Isolate the fish in a hospital tank. An injured fish is like a magnet to other fish in the pond or aquarium.
2. Use fresh, clean water that is the same temperature and pH as the fish is in now. PH can be higher, but not lower. Maintain the water in pristine condition by frequent water changes.
3. Add aquarium salt or plain un-iodized cooking salt to the water. This is extremely important if the injury has punctured the body cavity of the fish. The internal body cavity of a Goldfish is saltier than the surrounding water so the injury causes loss of electrolytes.

Salt Levels Based on Injury Severity

If the fish only has some scales missing or torn fins, 1 gram per liter or a teaspoon per gallon is sufficient unless the fish develops fungus or a bacterial condition.

If the fish has a more severe injury, add 2 grams per liter or 2 teaspoons per gallon, and observe carefully for signs of fungus or red patches on the skin.

If the fish develops fungus or a bacterial condition, add 3-4 grams per liter or one tablespoon per gallon over a 24 hour period. If the fish starts to list over on its side, halve the amount of salt until the fish is stronger.

The fish isn't looking too stressed at this stage, so a complete recovery should be expected.

The scales will take a few weeks, depending on water temperature, to grow back. Expect any damaged areas to turn black before changing back to orange. It will be perfectly fine with only one eye.

Very nice fish by the way.

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