Goldfish Died After Pond Overfilled

by DH

We had about 20 goldfish in our water feature. They were all ages and sizes. We overfilled the pond and they all died (in the pond). What caused them to die?

Grant's Reply

Hi Dh

What a tragedy.

When you say you overfilled the pond, I assume the water was left running for some time.

We have all done this.

The problem is water from most municipal suppliers is treated with chlorine, or more likely chloramine.

Both these chemicals burn Goldfish at the levels found in most domestic supplies.

I have found on average, Goldfish can take a 50% water change without too much damage to their skin or more importantly their delicate gills if a water de-chlorinator is not used.

I always use a de-chlorinator, also called a water conditioner, unless the water change is 25% or less.

For those fortunate enough to catch the problem early enough, water conditioner must be added to their water immediately, or the fish transferred to aged water.

Aeration must be provided as their gills will be damaged, and non-iodized cooking or aquarium salt added to their water at one teaspoon per gallon as a prevention to an opportunistic fungal or bacterial attack of the weakened gills and skin.

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May 01, 2022
Water Left Running
by: Grant

Unfortunately very easy to do.
I've done the same thing myself.
I realized water was running just in time otherwise I would have lost all my fish.
They weren't happy, but after adding stresscoat and some salt, they made a full recovery.

Apr 30, 2022
My beautiful dead fish
by: Anonymous

My husband has just left the hose on all night also and 24 of my beautiful fish were dead this morning. I am devastated

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