Sick Goldfish?

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was just wondering if you could help me please.

We have had 4 goldfish (3 fan tails) for about a month now, and for the last two days I have noticed that something is wrong with 1 Gill of one of them (I have attached pictures below).

Unfortunately, as I am writing this on behalf of my parents, I do not have the parameters of the tank/size of the tank etc. to hand, however, I would very much appreciate an opinion on the following please. I have researched online and I cannot tell whether it is due to infection or possible just an incomplete gill that we had never noticed before.

It looks red with a bit of white "fraying". The other gill is fine and there hasn't been any attacks from the other fish to my knowledge.

Any guidance/ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance,


Grant's Reply

Hi Lizzie

I usually reply by email when sick fish are involved due to the urgency.

Could you please supply your e-mail address.

Also, I didn't get any photo attachments.

In the meantime get the fish into a 0.3% salt bath (3-4 grams of salt per liter) using un-iodized cooking salt.

Add the salt gradually over several hours.


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