Round Goldfish Belly

by Jennifer
(Grand Rapids, MI)

Hi, Over the past 3-weeks we’ve watched one of our goldfish become ‘fat’ in the abdomen area. It’s very round and tonight it’s belly is looking like the skin is thin and can see a dark red through it. The fish food is pond sticks - Koi Vibrance.

It swims normal behaves normal just appears ‘fat’! Fish store thought maybe it was a parasite so treated the 90-gallon tank which holds 2-koi and 2-goldfish. It didn’t appear to resolve the growing belly. Another goldfish had a 12” strand of clear poop filled with air bubbles last night. Both are in the same tank.

Any pointers on how to diagnose this would be great and much appreciated by myself and our sweet swimmers!

Thank you


Grant's Reply

Hi Jennifer
There are two possibilities that could be causing the abdomen swelling:

1. The fish is filling with eggs
2. An internal growth.

I suspect the latter.
It is unlikely parasites, but I would still treat with API General Cure as this has anti-parasitical medication plus an anti-bacterial medication.

You need to throw everything at this fish to boost its immune system and hopefully get a good outcome but be prepared for the worst.

Treatment Plan

Get the fish into its own container with fresh clean water. Pristine water conditions must always be maintained.

Gradually add un-iodized cooking/aquarium salt to the water at two grams a liter. Maintain this level of salt.

Treat with API General Cure as per instructions.
Feed high quality food, preferable some live, or frozen equivalent (bloodworms, daphnia, mosquito wrigglers), and some vegetable matter e.g. kale, spinach, cooked shelled peas.

On the subject of food.

The long stringy poop with air bubbles is a classic symptom of poor/stale food. Get rid of it.

The best food for Goldfish is Repashy Super Gold or Silent Green (near enough to the same thing) gel food. Introduce them to it slowly, and don’t be put off if they seem dis-interested at first. After eating the “other” food, this will be quite a difference for them.

It is a pain to make up, (add water and microwave for a minute), but it is brilliant stuff. Your fish may have a chronic intestinal issue caused by the food.

On that point I wouldn’t feed the fish for a day or two after you move it.

Let me know how you get on.

P.S your email address appears incorrect.

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