Relocating Goldfish to New Pond

by Tac
(New South Wales)


I am looking for advice: I have to relocate my 4 x4 inch goldfish to a new pond. So my questions are:
How do I prepare the new pond?
Can I use the old pond water?
As this a temporary pond, can I use a plastic pond?
Once the new pond is set up and the fish transported, how do I introduce them to the new pond?
Should I put the water plant from the old pond in the new pond?


Grant's Reply

Hi Tac

I am assuming there is another pond close by as you mention using “old pond water”.

The only reason to use old pond water would be if the new pond size would make filling the new one very expensive, or you had water restrictions imposed by your local water utility.

Plastic ponds are usually safe, but if the pond is a child’s paddling pool, some manufacturers add anti-algal chemicals to the material which is toxic to algae and fish.

The only sure way of testing the pond is safe is to see if algae grows on the sides. If it does it will be safe for Goldfish.

When introducing fish to a new environment, the same 3 rules apply whether it is a pond or aquarium:
1. Chlorine or Chloramine must be removed
2. The water temperatures must be the same
3. The pH must be the same (or higher).

Chlorine will gas off if the water is aerated overnight or the pond is exposed to sunlight for a day. Chloramine has to be removed by a water conditioner such as Prime or Stress Coat.

The temperatures can be equalised by floating the fish in a container in the pond until they equalise.

To equalise the pH values, and while the water temperatures are equalising, I replace 25% of the water in their container every 15 minutes.

Watch the oxygen levels in the container, especially if it is a hot day. Keep the container covered from the sun, and to stop fish jumping out.

There is no problem putting water plants from the old pond to the new.

If the new pond is made from concrete, it will need to be aged before introducing fish as the cement makes the water very alkaline.

Read the Goldfish Dangers page on how to treat a new concrete pond.

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