Putting Feeder Goldfish in Outdoor Pond

by Paul

Put some feeder fish in my outdoor pond about four days ago and haven't seen any of them.

The pond is covered with netting but the temperature was and is on the chilly side. Haven't seen any dead ones floating.

Could they be at the deep side of the pond and not really swimming and exploring?

Grant's Reply

Hi Paul

Assuming you tested the water to make sure it was the same pH as their water, and you equalized the water temperatures before releasing them, I wouldn't worry too much yet.

Having netting over the pond eliminates predator problems and would also mean anything dead floating to the surface would be seen.

If the water was 10C or below, they won't be very active or interested in food. It's still pretty cold in Owego at this time of year (May).

If they were healthy before you transferred them, I suspect they are still exploring their new home.

If the pond was established without anything else in it, they will be cleaning up any water life so I wouldn't start feeding them yet.

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May 09, 2017
Hyacinths In Small Goldfish Pond
by: Grant

This is good advice, as the last thing you want in a pond over winter is dead green matter to clog filters and reduce oxygen levels as it decays.

May 08, 2017
Hyacinths iin small goldfish pond
by: Anonymous

An update on hyacinths in small goldfish pond. They worked wonderfully, however a few cautions are needed:
1. thin them OFTEN in the growing season,

2. at the end of growing season, remove almost all of them. It seems that their roots shed in the winter, leaving a horrible mess to clog filters.

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