Mixing Pond Goldfish With Aquarium Goldfish

by Sharon

Comet goldfish

Comet goldfish

Comet goldfish Comet goldfish

Can I put my pond goldfish in my indoor aquarium with other goldfish?

They are breeding too fast in my pond and there is a beautiful white one I want to put with my aquarium goldfish. Will I transfer disease, will it survive the transition?

Grant's Reply

Hi Sharon

All these questions are appropriate when moving goldfish between pond and aquarium, and mixing different goldfish communities.

Let's start with the first question; "Can I put my pond goldfish in my indoor aquarium with other goldfish?"

The short answer is yes, providing that the pond fish isn't far larger or a less developed variety than the existing aquarium inhabitants. For example if the pond fish is a single tailed comet, and the aquarium fish are fantails or a telescopic eyed variety, the pond fish will get all the food. Read more about compatibility issues here...

You will also need to ensure the pH is the same (or close to it) between the pond and aquarium. If they aren't close, make a few partial water changes to whichever has the lowest pH to bring the readings closer before transferring the fish indoors.

I would introduce the fish to its new surroundings as if it were a new arrival, making sure the water temperature and pH are the same by mixing more and more aquarium water with pond water over at least 30 minutes.

Be aware that single tailed goldfish will jump if stressed.

The second question regarding transferring disease will depend on how well you know your fish's health.

Aquarium fish are generally more stressed than pond fish, and if your pond fish are breeding like rabbits, they don't sound like they are stressed or diseased.

(With the hot summer you are having, keep the water in your pond reasonably clean to avoid stressing your fish).

If you want to make doubly sure the fish isn't carrying parasites or disease, quarantine it for two weeks.

The bottom line is, make sure the water conditions in the pond and aquarium are the same or close, and be aware that you are increasing the bio-load the aquarium and filter has to deal with.

We want to see some photos of this beautiful fish! :-)

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Aug 11, 2014
Thanks again
by: Anonymous

Hi Grant,
Just wanted to let you know that my two beautiful white gold fish are doing magnificently and have grown and doing really well in my inside aquarium.
I couldn't have done this without your advice, thank you so much.

Best regards,
Sharon Moritz

Apr 04, 2014
Mixing Pond Goldfish With Aquarium Goldfish
by: Sharon

Hi Grant,
Thank you so much for your great advice. I waited a bit longer before replying as I really wanted to make sure she would survive. When collecting her from my outside pond I actually found another white goldfish and brought them both inside. They look magnificent in my indoor aquarium.
I tried to copy a photo into this reply but couldn't do it. If there is another way I can send you a photo I would love for you to see them both.
Thank you so much once again,

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