Mixing Aquarium Salt and Epsom Salt in Hospital Tank

by Vlad


I wanted to know if I can mix Aquarium Salt and Epsom Salt for my hospital tank?

I have a 7.5 gallons cube hospital tank currently, and I'm treating my goldfish that has both positive buoyancy and Ich. I used Aquarium Salt first to try and address the Ich problem and so far my black oranda's Ich problem seems to be improving, but pretty sure we're not out in the woods yet.

Anyways, I was wondering if I can also add Epsom salt together with Aquarium salt to treat Ich and then the Swim bladder issue (positive buoyancy) at the same time.

Also, I've read that Epsom salt increases water hardness and my water hardness reading is at 0 right now :(. Should I go ahead and do this, and if so, what would be the dosage per gallon?

Greatly appreciate the articles you've laid out for goldfish hobbyists. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Grant's Reply

Hi Vlad

Yes, you can combine Aquarium Salt with Epsom Salts when treating different complaints.

When a fish has a positive buoyancy problem, it is usually related to diet, especially if it occurs shortly after feeding.

Epsom Salts would help the fish pass the food that is compacted in its intestine (assuming the buoyancy is due to diet).

Not all buoyancy issues are dietary though. I have a Black Moor that gulps air trying to inflate a defective swim bladder. Its swim bladder over-inflates causing it to bounce on the surface, usually upside down. I know it's not caused by diet as I feed gel food.

I'm not sure what your hardness measurement of "0" represents as hardness is usually measured in parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per liter (m/gl) of calcium carbonate, which would make your water very soft?

The dosage would be two teaspoons per gallon, but if you are concerned about your water hardness, the aquarium salt does have a mild laxative effect anyway.

I would fast the fish for a few days while treating for the Ich. If fasting fixes the buoyancy problem, then a change in diet is required, otherwise, the problem will keep reoccurring until it becomes permanent.

If fasting doesn't fix the problem, feed only green matter to the fish, and make sure it is passing it.

If the fish passes the green matter with no improvement, the problem is more serious, and the treatments listed on the swim bladder disorder page need to be administered.

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