Male Goldfish Living Alone

Is it OK for two male Gold fish to live in a home aquarium without a female?

How will he be able to release milt without a female around?

Will it affect his health?

Grant's Reply


Goldfish behavior is governed by the seasons, so they only get into breeding condition at the start of the breeding season.

I have read claims by breeders that males will not get into breeding condition if no female is present, but I have evidence that this may not be the case as I have had young males develop breeding stars without a female present.

If your fish don't develop breeding stars in spring, then they aren't getting into breeding condition.

Any milt not expelled during spawning is re-absorbed ready for the next season. This does not affect the health of the fish.

Not spawning is more of a problem for females because if the eggs ripen to a certain stage, then they must be expelled as they can't be re-absorbed.

This can lead to fish becoming egg-bound which can be very serious.

There is some evidence that fish that don't go through the rigors of spawning actually live longer.

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