Goldfish Pond Additions

by Vincent Barber
(Thurles. Tipperary Ireland)

I have a goldfish pond with 3 very healthy fish.

Is it OK to add young gold fish to the pond as there is plenty of room for at least 6/9 more?

Grant's Reply

Hi Vincent

There is no reason why you shouldn't add more fish to your pond....but I have a few provisos.

1. The young fish you plan to add must be compatible with the existing fish. By this I mean single tailed fish must be kept with single tailed fish. Fish with normal eyes can't be kept with telescopic eyed fish. Goldfish are sociable fish, but not at feeding time. Anything that disadvantages a fish will, over time, stop it thriving.

2. The young fish must be large enough so they don't look like a meal to the larger fish.

Goldfish tend to co-exist peaceably even when there are quite large size differences.

3. The new fish should be quarantined for at least two weeks before being introduced into the pond. The most common source of disease is from stressed new arrivals.

Young fish with a body length under 2 inches (52mm) can have gill or body flukes.

4. Check the pH of the water the new fish are in as it may be quite different from yours.

You mention that the pond will accommodate 6-9 more fish. This is quite a change to the biological loading of the pond if you add that many more fish.

You don't mention if you have a filter, but I would be cautious about adding that many fish in one hit. I would add say 3 more, see if they thrive and be very observant over the hottest months, because this is when overstocked ponds suddenly have large die offs.

Ireland is now well into spring so you will have quite a few warm months to get some size on the fish before winter.


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