Goldfish Illness and Treatment Help

by Charlotte

Hi guys,
We have a lovely tank full of lovely goldfish!

However recently we’ve been having a few problems and for me it’s hard to pin point exactly what it is.
As you can see in the first video the fish has a white lump on one side, I’ve only just noticed this because this fish is extremely shy and always hides inside the ship we have in the tank.

In the second video I’m not sure if you can see it properly but the fish had one black eye anyway from his colour markings but I’d you look closely it looks like a cloudy film is over his eye.

And the third video, this fish has some white stuff on both sides and is easy to see because he is black. (It won’t let me upload any videos or photos that I had planned to upload so is there anyone I can email the videos or photos to that will be willing to help?)

We though these were fungus so we treated the tank, as instructed, for seven days and two weeks later (today) I took these pictures as it hasn’t seemed to have done anything.

Please help if you think it’s something different or how to treat them etc.

Thank you:)


Grant's Reply

Hi Charlotte

As you have already learned, your fish aren't suffering from fungus, but are producing excess body slime.

There are two causes of this, poor water conditions, or parasites.

You didn't say what fungus treatment you used, but most also treat other illnesses as well, and your fish look generally healthy. They have their dorsal fins up, which indicates they aren't too sick at this stage.

Do you know what your water parameters are? I'm referring to ammonia, nitrites, pH and nitrate levels.

90% of Goldfish illnesses are caused by poor water conditions. Your water looks clean and clear, but that doesn't mean the pH is 7.0-7.4, and the nitrates are below 30 ppm (parts per million).

Assuming you don't, I would start with a 90% water change, and a thorough clean of the filter. Add a teaspoon of plain un-iodised cooking salt, or aquarium salt, per gallon over a few hours.

Remove any algae eaters if you have any before adding the salt.

After a few days you should start seeing an improvement as I believe your fish have a mild bacterial illness.

If you don't see an improvement, the problem could be parasitical.

Purchase a Praziquantel based medication such as API General Cure. This medication kills flukes, internal parasites as well as protozoan parasites. It also doesn't harm the filter bacteria. I assume the medication you used for the fungus was filter friendly?

You should always have salt and this medication on hand as it deals with 99% of Goldfish illnesses.

If you don't have a water test kit, read my latest e-Zine about why you should always have one on hand.

P.S. Nice looking fish by the way.
Also, because the Black Moor is myopic, it isn't able to compete for food as well as the normal eyed fish.

Keep an eye on whether it is getting enough to eat as they generally gradually lose condition until they succumb to some disease because of their weakened immune system from starvation.

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