Goldfish Companions

by Nicola

My goldfish has been in a tank on his own for 3 years now, would he be happier in a huge tank with lots of other goldfish?

I'm thinking of giving him away if it would be better for him! Not sure if he will get bullied!

Grant's Reply

Hi Nicola

I often get asked this question, and the answer isn't always straightforward.

If Goldfish are kept in any numbers, they tend to form loose groups within a relatively small area.

This indicates they prefer the company of other Goldfish.

When feeding time comes around though, it is every fish for itself!

Do Goldfish get lonely? Nobody really knows, but when a fish has been kept by itself for any length of time, and another fish is put in the tank, they tend to perk up and keep in close proximity for a while.

Another issue to consider is the type of goldfish you have.

If he is a single tailed variety, then he would have no difficulty competing for food with other Goldfish, assuming there are no significant size differences.

If however he has two tails and/or telescopic eyes, he would have difficulty competing with either single tailed varieties or varieties with normal eyes.

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