Epsom Salt Treatment

(California, USA)

I have seen on the Internet information of owners using in tank or time limited once or twice daily baths or "dips" in water treated with Epsom salts to treat bloating and or constipation in goldfish.

I am wondering if I can simultaneously use Epsom salts in the tank 24/7 together with Myracyn 2 minocycline antibiotic treatment?

My gold fish, "The Incredible Mr.Limpet" is 15 years old currently in a 10 gallon hospital tank (normally housed in a 20 gallon tank).

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I haven't read about using Epsom salts as a dip, but I couldn't imagine it as being very effective when used this way.

I have always used Epsom salts in a prolonged bath for the treatment of indigestion (constipation). A prolonged bath gives more opportunity for the fish to ingest the salts with food whereas I can't see how a quick dip would achieve anything.

Back to your question, there is no issue using Epsom salts with other treatments.

I am assuming you are treating for dropsy.

If so also consider a medicated food such as Medi-Koi.

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Oct 01, 2016
Epsom Salts and Aquarium Salt
by: Grant

If Mr. Limpet doesn't have any redness on the body or any other medical issues I would reduce the aquarium salt down to no more than one tablespoon for the 10 gallon hospital tank, and a couple of tablespoons for his 20 gallon aquarium.

The Epsom salts can be added along with aquarium salt with no problems. Dose at one teaspoon per gallon.

If Mr. Limpet has been kept indoors, exposure to some natural light may be of benefit to boost his immune system, along with live food if you aren't already feeding him any.

Oct 01, 2016
Epsom Salt dosage? And Aquarium Salt...
by: Anonymous

I think Mr. Limpet does have dropsy.

I am not sure what is an appropriate dosage of Epsom salt to add to his tank?

Also, I already have his tank salted with regular Aquarium Salt (sodium chloride) at 1 teaspoon per gallon. I'm wondering if to continue maintaining the Aquarium Salt treatment and ADD the Epsom Salt also? Or stop the Aquarium Salt when I begin the Epsom Salt treatment?

And, how long is it okay to have him in a tank treated with Aquarium Salt or Epsom Salt?

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