I gave my goldfish a Epson salt bath for a half an hour two days ago I put him in a separate tank but no results as of yet and it's the third day

Can I put Epson salt in his tank he is always in ? 1/2 hr dip hasn't done anything. If he is swimming in epsom salt all the time it may be a better situation.

Pls help.

Grant's Reply


You are quite correct. A short Epsom Salts bath is rarely effective.

You haven't told me the symptoms that have led you to the conclusion your fish has constipation but assuming it does, putting the fish in a prolonged Epsom salts bath is the first step.

Add a little un-iodized cooking salt as well and warm the fish up if your water temperatures are low.

After the third day if your fish still hasn't passed any waste, feed it some green food such as cooked shelled green peas, Kale or spinach.

Once waste has been passed feed live food or a frozen equivalent. If you are feeding dry pellets or flakes, you will quickly get a re-occurrence of the problem.

I recommend a gel food such as Repashy's Soilent Green or the new Koi and Goldfish mix which has just become available. I have never had a swim bladder or constipation problem since feeding it to my fancy Goldfish.

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Jul 25, 2022
Epsom salt dosage
by: Grant

The Epsom Salts are added to the water of the salt bath, not to the Repashy food.
The amount of Epsom Salts to use in the bath is not critical but I use about two teaspoons per gallon.

Jul 22, 2022
Epsom salt dosage
by: Anonymous

It would br nice to know how much epsom salt to water ratio to make the repashy

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