“Goldfish Care - Simple Rules For Success”

Goldfish are not hard to keep.  Discover how easy it is to have an aquarium or pond full of thriving fish.

Water Bubble Eye Goldfish care requirements are high.Water Bubble Eye Goldfish

With over 45 years of experience, we can give you tips that only experts know about.

Everything you want to know about goldfish feeding, breeding, diseases, varieties, aquariums or ponds, this is the place to find it.

Most enthusiasts want to do more than just “meet the basic needs” of their fish.  If you’re like me, you want to keep them in the best possible environment so they live a long and comfortable life.

And the longer you keep them, the more you realize they have personalities and a memory longer than 3 seconds!

After keeping them successfully for a while, thoughts turn to starting your own dynasty.  Breeding goldfish is a fascinating (and often frustration) hobby.  But having an aquarium full of healthy, thriving, high quality fish that you have raised from eggs is very rewarding.

Kings Of The Aquarium

Goldfish have been cultivated by humans for centuries.  Starting with a plain brown drab fish the Chinese, then the Japanese transformed it through centuries of selective breeding into what it is today.  They now come in many colors, fin variations, body shapes and eye types that can rival the most exotic tropical and marine fish for beauty or bizarre looks.

They truly are the Kings of the aquarium!

Information On The Web Is Not Perfect

Every time I read another fish website, I find bad information.  For example, one site informs us that “after around two weeks, goldfish fry are large enough to eat infusoria and newly hatched brine shrimp”.

Wrong on both counts!

Fry can eat newly hatched Brine Shrimp and infusoria as soon as they are free swimming.

Why is this important?

Because the first two weeks of life are the most important for fry.  If they are stunted through poor or inadequate food at this early stage, they won’t ever catch up.

Unfortunately the Web makes anybody with a website an expert. Bad advice can go viral, spreading from site to site until it is taken as fact.

But how can you tell fact from fiction?  Easy, by making this site your first stop for information.

We only give advice that is based on many years of personal experience.

Experts Have Made Mistakes That Make Them Experts

My definition of an expert is someone who has made mistakes and learnt from them.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes.  You can learn from the mistakes I made when first starting out keeping fish.

These are simple mistakes everyone makes, but they often cause enthusiasts to give up fish keeping for good.

You Can Become An Expert

You can become an expert by using this site and learning secrets that the professionals and pet shop owners don’t want you to know.  Everything you need is right here: 

  • Learn how to give your fish a long and happy life
  • Know what to look for when buying fish
  • Find out which varieties can be kept together and which are not compatible
  • Learn how to breed them, start your own dynasty
  • Discover how to raise fry to adulthood; breeding them is the easy part
  • Treat diseases; most are easily treated with cheap household chemicals. 

If you have just arrived home with a plastic bag full of fish, and want to know how to care for them, go to the page that explains how to introduce your goldfish to its new home

If you are doing some research before you purchase any fish, excellent start!

Go to the page on pre-purchase checks that discusses what to look for when making a purchase, especially from a pet shop.  It discusses compatibility issues and getting your precious cargo safely home.

Let’s start at the beginning…some basic information about goldfish.

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