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Goldfish Culling For High Quality Fish

Goldfish culling is vital if you want to raise fry into high quality adults. Culling your fry as soon as possible makes certain the best specimens survive.

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Goldfish Spawning Preparation

Goldfish spawning success depends on the breeders' conditioning and pre-spawning preparation. The success level will depend on how well you have prepared.

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How Old Are My Goldfish Fry?

I have just noticed some small goldfish fry in our outdoor pond. They are about 1.5cm long. How old would they be? And how big do they need to be before

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Is This Normal For a Matt Scaled Fish or Not?

I've been panicked over my big pink goldfish's red gills (I don't know gender, named moon). I've been doing zealous water changes, checked my water treatment

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Aquarium Substrate

What is the best substrate for goldfish. Some places say sand is good, others say it is bad. Some say small stones, others say big stones. I am not using

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Goldfish eBooks

Goldfish ebooks on the care, breeding and treatment of diseases.

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How to Successfully Raise Goldfish Fry

How to breed Goldfish and successfully raise fry to adults

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Pet Store Goldfish Growth

Will goldfish from pet stores grow bigger, like 8 inches? Grant's Reply Hi Joshua Before answering the question, let's clarify what measurement we will

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Goldfish Ponds Add Beauty and Tranquility To Landscapes

Goldfish ponds and their construction method, size, location and design are influenced by the main function of the pond, decorative or functional.

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Feeding Goldfish Live Foods Is Essential For Health

Feeding goldfish is easy because goldfish are omnivorous meaning they will eat any vegetable or animal based food. Live food is essential for good health.

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