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Raising Goldfish Fry Into High Quality Adults

Raising goldfish fry successfully to adulthood requires space, clean conditions and providing as much nutritious food as often as the fry need it.

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Goldfish Anchor Worm Treatment

Anchor worm is a crustacean that attaches itself to a goldfish and feeds on its blood. They are usually found behind a pectoral fin or the dorsal fin.

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Common Goldfish Diseases

Common goldfish diseases listed with symptoms described and options for treatment.

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Direct Sunlight From A Low Sun

Dear About-Goldfish, I have, for some time now, a couple of goldfish. They are healthy and active. However. Since I moved the location of the aquarium

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Goldfish Breeding Now a Paperback

For those that prefer a physical book instead of an electronic version for their Kindle reader or computer/tablet, a paperback version of my book Goldfish Breeding is now available on Amazon.

The paperback version has the same detailed information as the electronic versions covering the following topics:

  • How to maximise fry numbers in a spawn
  • The optimal conditions for egg and fry care
  • What to feed fry and when
  • How to cull effectively
  • The amount of space needed
  • Solving spawning problems
  • Fry growth rates
  • Natural fry enemies
  • Why autumn conditioning is important and more...

Happy reading!

Is My Goldfish Being Bullied?

Hi. So a few months ago I decided to get a normal goldfish (bastion) and he was quite happy and energetic. I put him in a 60 litre tank but he looked

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Sea Stones

Hi, can I put stones off the beach in a goldfish bowl if they've been sterilised? What about quartz cristals are they ok for goldfish? Harmony Grant's

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Algae on aquarium walls

No matter how often we clean our aquarium it seems to become discoloured with an algae build up around the bottom walls. We have a 38ltr aqua one tank,

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Water Changes in Pond Fish

I keep reading you should change out water but is that needed in a outdoor pond? (1000 gal) Grant's Reply Hi Lorraine This is a very good question as

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Does My Goldfish Have a Parasite?

Hello. My goldfish is 12 years old and last week I changed half the water in the tank after a clean out. I didn't put enough water treatment in the water

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