Gold fish From Tanks To Outdoor Ponds

I have 2 tanks each with 2 goldfish.

All the goldfish have grown to a size where the tanks are not big enough......we do not have the space to buy bigger tanks.

Is it possible to put them in a pond outside or would this mean certain death (which obviously is something I want to avoid)?
Many thanks

Grant's Reply


If your Goldfish have outgrown their aquarium, you must be giving them exceptional care...well done!

Many Goldfish keepers have heard the myth that Goldfish grow to the size of their container. This simply isn't true.

Moving Goldfish outside periodically is something I recommend as the sunlight seems to give their health and color a boost.

Before moving fish outside there are a few points to consider:

Time of year. The best time is during the warmer months. Goldfish kept indoors are usually at a higher average water temperature than outside, so don't hibernate or at least slow down during winter.

If you put fish out during winter, it will be a shock to their system to go from active to hibernation mode overnight. They won't have built up any fat to take them through the winter months so come spring they will be in poor condition and many fish die at this time of year.

You didn't mention if you have a pond already, so I am assuming you haven't.

Read my pages on Goldfish Ponds if you are planning on getting one. Like real-estate, location is everything!

One last point, you didn't mention what variety of Goldfish you have.

If they are a single tail variety, they will thrive in a pond. Some of the fancier varieties aren't as hardy and if you live in an area that experiences severe winter temperatures, consider bringing the fish indoors during the coldest months.

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