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The Goldfish Gazette, Issue #119 Books about Goldfish
November 29, 2023

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November 2023
Issue #119

In This Issue
Books on Goldfish

There are many books about Goldfish available on the Internet. Some are the best in their field, many are a waste of money.

Books On Goldfish

Goldfish keeping is a popular hobby, and because of this the number of books available on the topic have exploded in recent years, especially with the arrival of GAI (generative artificial intelligence).

Unfortunately, the quality of the publications is similar to the information on the Internet, variable, but in this case, you have to pay out money before finding out the quality of the publication.

Amazon does have a customer review feature which is useful, and in some cases a small sample of pages can be read. This is usually enough to form an opinion about the book quality.

The books available seem to fall into 3 groups, high end hard cover books written by experts in their fields that can be expensive and hard to find, a middle group offered in different formats such as paperback, Kindle and eBook that provide good information at a reasonable price, and low cost, low quality books that are usually only offered as eBooks. Amazon is full of them.

In this e-Zine I am reviewing what I consider two of the best Goldfish publications available.

These are two books that I have owned for many years. They were printed in 1996 and 2001 but the information in both is still relevant today. Both are only available as hard cover publications.

Goldfish Breeding and Genetics

Goldfish Breeding and genetics hard cover book. The first book published in 1996 is Goldfish Breeding and Genetics by Joseph Smartt and James H Bundell.

This 256 page book is very expensive. It is a TFH (Tropical Fish Hobbyist) publication printed on very high-quality stock. The book contains many photographs by the famed fish photographer Fred Rozenzweig.

The book is not just about breeding. The authors start with an in-depth study of the domestication and evolution of the Goldfish, followed by a chapter describing 15 varieties in detail, but also including photographs of seldom seen varieties. The book also describes the ideal "aqueous environment" for Goldfish before moving on to the breeding process.

The book is aimed at those wanting to improve the quality of their fish through selective breeding and not breed their Goldfish just for the sake of it.

I wish this book had been available when I started breeding Goldfish seriously. It would have saved a lot of failures and disappointments.

Fancy Goldfish: A complete guide to care and collecting

Fancy Goldfish: A complete guide to care and collecting hard cover book. The second book published in 2001 is Fancy Goldfish: A complete guide to care and collecting by Dr. Erik L Johnson D.V.M. and Richard E. Hess.

This 176 page book is also very expensive. You don't need this book if you have an aquarium with a few Goldfish in it. There are other books that are more suitable that cost a lot less.

If you are a serious Goldfish keeper, you need this book. Why?

Two features make this a stand out reference book about Goldfish, both valid reasons to own it.

1. The over 100 superb color photographs of beautiful and rare varieties by Fred Rosenzweig and more importantly…
2. The heavy emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of Goldfish diseases.

With one of the writers being a leading fish veterinarian in the United States this should not be a surprise. Many Goldfish care books give detailed instructions on how to care for your Goldfish to avoid them getting sick, but very few tell you how to cure them when they do.

The comprehensive information about the diagnosis and treatment of Goldfish diseases is why I purchased the book. The other chapters are nice to have, and have certainly added to my knowledge about Goldfish, but it is the disease treatment sections that have been the most valuable.

Having said that, the book also covers the basics of Goldfish care such as what's the best size tank for Goldfish and the importance of maintaining water quality.

For a more detailed review of these and other books click here…

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think, or what topics you want to be covered.

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