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The Goldfish Gazette, Issue #031 -- Showing Goldfish
July 31, 2016

Goldfish Care Tips and Guidelines

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July 2016
Issue #031

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Showing Goldfish

Entering your Goldfish into a show to be judged against other enthusiasts’ fish gives you a good idea how close your fish is to the desired standard compared to others.

If it is judged a champion, its value increases substantially.

Showing Goldfish

For a fish to be judged a champion, two criteria have to be met; first the fish has to be very close to the accepted standard, and a judge's opinion must be that your fish is the best in the show.

You may consider your fish is better than the one in the aquarium next to yours, but it is the judge who determines the winner, and their opinion is the one that counts.

You may argue that your fish meets all the important Standard requirements, but there are many criteria that could influence a judge. Fish size, color intensity, body depth or overall carriage of the fish can influence a judge's opinion.

By carriage I mean how a fish looks when it is motionless, and when it is swimming. Another name would be poise. Fancy Goldfish varieties have distorted air bladders. This can often result in fish swimming slightly head down.

In Japan, show fish are identified early and are raised quickly to a large size solely for showing. They aren’t normally used for breeding as it appears fish raised in this manner don’t make good breeders.

Standard References

Two standards are currently used for Judging, the America Goldfish Association (AGA) standards, and the Federation of British Aquatic Societies (FBAS) standards.

If you live outside the USA or Britain, you will need to know which standard is being used for judging.

Condition fish For the Show Environment

Bare aquariums are usually used for judging. You need to condition your fish to people walking past the aquarium, and peering in. Start this conditioning some weeks prior to the show, especially if the fish is a pond fish.

The aquariums usually have some sort of artificial light above them so get your fish used to a strong overhead light source.

Water conditions

If you are unable to test the water that will be provided, take your own water if you can. This is especially important if the show is some distance away from your location.

If that’s not possible, take your own water conditioner so you can be sure chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals have been removed from the water.

There will be no filtration provided but there could be an air diffuser of some sort. Check what is provided and what you are expected to bring.

Health Of the Fish

A fish should be in perfect health. It will lose points if fins or scales are damaged or show evidence of past damage. Severe damage would exclude a fish from ever being shown.

Minimum Show Requirements

Often a minimum fish size is required, or a pair of fish. Some bigger shows have different judging sections based on the age of the fish. This is because judging an older fish against a juvenile fish is pointless because the older fish will always exhibit better characteristics than a younger fish.

For smaller shows that don’t have sections catering for age, it is better to show older fish.

Risk Factor

Travel is stressful for Goldfish. Many fish are lost because of water conditions and accidents.

If you are considering showing your best fish, is the risk worth it? It may be better to show a fish that isn’t quite so good, but you can afford to lose.

Plastic bags with little water and pure oxygen added is the safest container to transport fish in. Ideally the bags should be placed in a polystyrene box so temperature fluctuations are avoided.

Goldfish Shows Have Many Benefits For Novices

The advantages of a Goldfish show are many. It creates interest in the hobby, it enables novices to talk to experienced breeders, and learn how to distinguish between a high quality fish and an inferior one.

At some shows breeders are able to sell surplus high quality fish so giving the novice a head start with creating their own Goldfish dynasty.

To read more about Goldfish standards and what makes a champion fish click here...

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