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The Goldfish Gazette, Issue #100 8 Years in review
April 30, 2022

Goldfish Care Tips

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April 2022
Issue #100

In This Issue
8 Years in Review

Since first starting this e-Zine in 2014, what has changed for the better, or worse, for Goldfish Keepers in 2022?

8 Years In Review

Goldfish Keepers appear to be a resourceful group, using whatever resources are available to improve the care of their fish, but World events over the last 8 years have stretched even the most resourceful.

The Internet

The amount of information that can be found on the Internet about Goldfish is substantial, but the quality of that information still varies greatly.

How is a beginner expected to know what is factual, especially when some of the websites are quite substantial and are professionally presented?

My vote for the Internet is it’s no worse but no better than 8 years ago.

Social Media

Many of the e-Zines were written in response to queries posted in Facebook Goldfish groups.

The majority of posts concern either general care queries or a new Goldfish keeper who has seen a problem with their fish and is seeking answers.

If I see a post where it is obvious the fish require immediate treatment, and the post is very recent, I give a detailed explanation of what is required which usually then limits the number of posts that give alternative treatment options.

If I see a post late, there are usually 30-40 posts from group members, often contradicting each other, or trading insults.

My vote for social media; it has become less useful.

Climate Change

Whether we are still in denial about climate change or not, the climate is changing.

In the region where I live, water supply has never been an issue in my lifetime (which is a long time).

Rainfall has always been plentiful and consistent all year round.

In the last few years, we have had a weather pattern similar to the west coast of America with long periods of clear blue skies, higher than average temperatures, and little rain. This has caused severe water shortages with restrictions placed on use.

In the near future, cleaning out aquariums and ponds may become a luxury that will be reflected in the cost of water to the consumer.

Climate change is going to make many Goldfish Keepers modify the way they care for their fish.


Covid-19 has been very disruptive to supply chains and the ability to shop for essential items.

Only now are things starting to get back to a new normal in most countries.

I have changed the way I shop for fish supplies, always ensuring I never run low of essential items.

Covid-19 has definitely made Goldfish keeping harder.

So, not much good news then.

Goldfish Gazette Back Issues

Many of the subjects covered in the e-Zines over the years have been aimed at making Goldfish keeping easier, and hopefully fast-tracking beginners’ knowledge so they don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Here are some links to the more commonly useful topics:

Issue 001 - Water Changes
The first e-Zine was about how to work out when to make water changes by testing, not guessing, and how clean clear water doesn’t mean the water is safe for your fish.

Issue 015 – Goldfish Medications and How to Use Them Safely
Many sick Goldfish are killed by owners overdosing medications. This issue explained how common medications should be administered.

Issue 024 - Quarantining
Many aquarists believe just keeping new fish separated for a few weeks is all that is necessary to ensure disease isn’t introduced into the main aquarium. Not so.

Issue 034 – Emergency Response To Dying Goldfish
Many of us have experienced finding dead fish on the surface of our aquarium or pond, with the rest of the inhabitants looking distressed.

This issue explained the first steps required to quickly reverse the situation and save the remainder.

Issue 054 – Salt The Wonder Chemical
Always my first go-to when treating any illness. 95% of illnesses can be treated with salt.

Issue 059 – Mixing varieties
Goldfish varieties are not created equal. This issue discussed why fancy varieties don’t thrive when kept with less developed ones.

Issue 073 – Disease Symptoms, Primary or Secondary?
Many Goldfish disease symptoms are the secondary symptom and are not the primary problem. Fungus is often caused by parasites that must be treated at the same time as the fungus.

To view the full list of back issues of the Goldfish Gazette, click here…….

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think, or what topics you want to be covered.

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